What We Offer....


Project teams are involved early in the project to help define the scope of works, roles and responsibilities and plan the project with the customers. Digital Network Access believes in keeping its customers informed of all project activities, while making recommendations for solutions to project issues in a timely manner guiding the project team to make the right decisions.


 In executing Network Integration engagements Digital Network Access performs the following:

    • Project Management
    • Analysis of Requirements
    • Network Design
    • Systems and Technology Integration
    • Site Surveys and Audits
    • Technology Staging and Deployment
    • Installation
    • Acceptance Test
    • Documentation
    • Training


With Managed Services, the customer can transfer day-to-day related management responsibility as a strategic method for improved effective and efficient operations.

Services Offerings:

    • IT Monitoring Services
    • Network Device Management
    • Managed Remote Access
    • Consulting, Audit & Professional Services



This service is accessible anytime and from anywhere to address customer’s needs and offers these support features:

“24 x 7 x 365” Support

  • Continuous human response to customer assistance: 
      • Phone support
      • Email Response
  • World-class technical support methodology:
      • Troubleshooting
      • Problem tracking, reporting, statistics and analysis
      • Escalation
      • Problem resolution


Site Acquisition & Permitting Process Flow & Guidelines 

  1. Site Hunting Procedures
  2. Conducting Social Acceptability
  3. Requirements for Site Acquisition Reports
  4. Requirements on Securing Pre-Construction Permits
  5. Power Connection Application Requirements
  6. Post Construction Permits Requirements & Energization
  7. Documentation Requirements

RF Design and Optimization Guidelines and Procedures 

  1. RF Design and Planning 
  2. System Design Objectives
  3. Dimensioning
  4. RF Optimization
  5. Drive Testing
  6. Collecting Data in Drive Testing
  7. Network Planning and Optimization Cycle 

Civil Works Implementation Guidelines 

  1. Pre-Implementation Activities
  2. Implementation Works
  3. Site Clearing, Layout & Staking
  4. Earthworks for Tower Foundation
  5. Steel Reinforcement & Formworks Fabrication
  6. Concrete Pouring, Curing & Testing
  7. Backfilling and Shelter or Pad Construction
  8. Tower Erection & Site Development
  9. Site Acceptance & Rectification of Deficiencies

Electrical System Installation Methodology 

  1. Contractor Mobilization
  2. Installation of Electrical & Grounding System
  3. Perimeter Light Installation
  4. OB Light & KWHR Meter Installation
  5. Testing & Acceptance of the Electrical System

Telecom Works Implementation Guidelines 

  1. Pre-Installation Survey
  2. Installation of Telecom Equipment & Accessories
  3. Conducting VSWR & BER Tests
  4. Integration of Site to the Network & Acceptance
  5. Rectification of Outstanding Deficiencies